Saturday, April 15, 2017


I’ve gone,
I’ve left,
I’ve rode pass those houses for the last time I think,
All I see now is windows and doors and I think,
I think, I should get a penny for my thoughts,
For I want and you need,
Two umbrellas lost at sea,
Gone to and from,
I thought I could be aware,
I thought you would know,
Until one day I showed up at your door and you were gone,
Maybe you’re far,
Maybe I’m close,
If maybe was a maybe he would hope that maybe,
Just maybe,
She was a maybe,
So maybe control can’t avoid stop signs and green lights,
So head on you go and sideways I go,
Forever detached from circles and triangles,
But yet so unavoidable

Name me

A splash of blue and a smear of white,
The ocean in your eyes,
Three empty tea cups,
What a nice surprise,
I wait and sit but think to stand,
There's an ashtray near by and I smell smoke,
Two fingers to your head; you’re thinking,
Or pretending to be dying,
Circles and stars,
Snaps and pops,
A black forest in my eyes,
One breathe and eight constellations,
A fourth cup half way full,
Something new,  

--- Animals Awake

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Start

            A conundrum of contradictions, a non-zombie traveling companionless within myself, I hope. A mixture of Sheriff Woody and Bill Clinton I represent something. I am BOB, spelled both B.O.B forwards and backwards. A member of the “Spooky Kids”, my face is painted capitalist white and I am pretending to blend.
            So here I am awake and there you are asleep still seven hours in the past trailing behind rotations.
Pinch, pull, smooth and fold, then put slain cranes back where they belong. That’s all I really seem to remember of the earlier days. I think I could have lived somewhere within that old jean jacket of yours in those first days, forever frozen in sliver and gold.