Sunday, June 26, 2016

Crazy is what i LIKE

Tick tock to awake clocks still up with me searching for the means behind why you? So sleepy we are that we have even begun to write this to you in the third person. I would and I could, wish upon breakfast cereal and Pop-tarts that I knew. Conner seats and triangle shaped feet tap on yellow bricks across forgotten and fallen walls. 15 to 30 averaged out to explain this to me that I could still find you if I just knew me. The me that is so full of m’s and e’s that it might tip toe me through Monday into eternity.

Friday, June 24, 2016


Yet tap me on my shoulder please if you need me. Faint chicken running over shapes in the sun I know now that I can never turn back into that thing. Fly washer of wishes to me and sing me the ABC’s tonight please.


Yellow and red like one, two, three, happen to be everywhere last night. But now I awake to sliver suns and peach moons scooped into ice cream cones with yummy sprinkles on top. W and X are my shields; they are my weapons protecting me from peace. I need more notebook scribbling’s to tell this story honesty but there are none to never more.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mr. X

My poverty, but not my will, consents.
Romeo and Juliet

The room was paints grey or so it seemed and within it sat a Mr. X cocooned, preparing to take the stage. A vessel of stagnation humped over the side of his bed he was thinking on borrowed thoughts. Unshaven, unrehearsed the stubble on his face reminded him that he was no longer a boy anymore. Grown up time had finally arrived. Flicked and bemused he was a prevarication of nouns under constant siege, adapting and surviving. The world was flat and choices were just choices, hinged variables of no consequence like dresser drawers filed with mx match socks.  
            A poet at heart he wrote every gesture down in his journal as if he was attempting something new. 
A wake from the dream of life this is the conscious thought that keeps haunting me, I just want. People always seem to be expecting me to convince them of why we should talk. Like the false realities trapped within the personalities that hold together the prisons of the world, what words, phrase, or lie are they hoping to hear? I imagine something is broken but what?
I am the last person to be left alive on this planet. Everywhere I go I see them. The “them”, a virus infecting, replicating and controlling everything bit of the awake. They are masked zombies, emotionless and driven by functionality. Their mantra is “control your emotions” a stain of denial. This is a note for the “all”, the encompassed, the enlightened, and the shadows hidden away in the dark. I too am.
They pull strings and I evade, I pretend, I entertain as if we were one. My mouth widens, my teeth show and I perpetuate a smile as my shoulders hike up my arms zig-zag and my feet kick up. I am untamed, ignorant, and contradictory; I am in the moment and a puppet answering calls. But that’s never the matter because there is still time for you too. You too can learn to recognize all if you pay attention. However before I continue onwards allow me to start from the beginning.
She happened and her black moth wings shut out the light. I became intoxicated with fear and my eyes drew closer to dawn. For all my boasting of ego and self worth I couldn’t have been ready. The surprise surprised the surprise without cause for she is, I knew it then and I still know it now. Its ok, a dream pasted and boarded on track one to Jersey City, NJ. Yet, she follows. Maybe she missed the train too; I can feel her out there waiting, hidden away in some crowd. Like Gatsby we are in motion bending gravity and reaching for queerer shores beyond the green light. An improvement upon an improvement relived, I too have learned to act.
The future forgets the moment. Empire states of youth and beauty rage in protest wanting to care but not caring at all as they march down fifth avenue. Another monarch victim falls out of breathe, unable to breath. The man in the mirror crouches down behind his desk, covers his ears and hopes that some celebrity sandal or new health treat will refocus twitter trends. Some stocks are up while others are down so all is normal and America is still the greatest nation in world.
My place is where I am told it is and I wait to be forgiven. I know that this is supposed to be a story about something else but I cant help but keep coming back to her. The direction is one, a body of five that help me discovery that it’s “gotta be you”. East of everything I once knew I am here now living beyond the forbidden fruit. If only the clicking of heels could take us back to stranger memories. This is the new, new you unwavering and cruel. Yet my care is to be blamed because I haven’t been able to let go.
1984 (Nineteen Eighty-Four) a summer late, what a prediction to be living in as we are happy and fun. The game afoot and Watson’s service revolver preloaded heir maestro takes position to be ready.  
 Pages turned, words forgotten, a text message arrived, Mr. X glances at his IPhone noted the time and opens a message from Y. It reads: Submission was becoming even of animals. He replies: WTH (what the hell) Y I told you about sniffing chalk dust lol. Once the message was sent the mobile screen fell black


Ya, I still hear that song and I still remember that girl. So I guess this is the beginning or maybe this is the ending, I forget. But, whatever I still believe in fairy dust and that eternal dream where you and her meet. Hi my name is Sean by the way, nice to meet you. You’ve been waiting for me you say, how so? Have we met before? Hell ya, alright, I ant missing you. What’s your name and where do I know you from? I don’t need you. You do know this right? I think this could be love but the weekend is so far from now. I have a rule you see, I am only allowed to fall in love on weekends. That’s when the jacket comes out and the sunglasses are worn. Sorry but rules are rules, are they not? I’ve never even seen you around here before. You must just be looking for a ride home. Yet your already home and you don’t even realize it. Is it still Tuesday or are we still stuck on Monday? Hold on let me call and ask my friends. Imagery hand phone I need you now more than ever to make me look ever so cool. Bring, bring, ring, ring now you pick up, hey, hi can I talk to my Heart Beat I just need 30 seconds of his time, ok ill wait. His people got me on hold, isn’t that just nuts? Never mind him I know what were going to do, I think we will take a walk under the stars just you and I. I’ll meet you in that parking lot over there to the left and the right where ever it goes I’m all in. I promise to always remember that girl, that person you are from now on. But I still don’t know the name of that song that was playing the last time you surrendered. I think it was the theme song to the wonder years.

P.S: Me and all my friends just think your fabulous darling kisses, hugs and all other magic things.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dear White People Pets

Yes it is I, the ever so evil JOHN DOE "the racist" hahaha ... EVIL LAUGH !!!